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As one of the leaders in pre-hospital EMT training, EMTAS stands out among all others.



What sets us apart!

As one of the leaders in pre-hospital EMT training, EMTAS stands out among all others. Established in early 2000, our programs have trained hundreds of people in emergency medical services & techniques. Our graduates have obtained jobs in the Tri-State area in all phases of Pre-hospital Emergency Care with the confidence and knowledge of their skills and abilities.

All of our course instructors are trained and certified Emergency Medical Technicians or higher, who have many hours of real job experience. They bring with them not only the knowledge found in the textbooks, but the experience of real life situations.

The EMT-Basic-Original Training Course is given on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  The requirements for courses vary as well as the required schedule.  Upon graduation, our students are highly qualified for employment in the pre-hospital profession and are highly sought after by employers.